Iai: a split-second world where the match hangs on the draw of a sword

Iai: Where the match hangs on the draw of a sword.

Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword is a swordfighting action game that is simple to play. Just use the A Button to attack, and the B Button combined with the Circle Pad to dodge. The secret of Iai is not reckless swinging, but rather one well-timed, swift attack. Aim for openings in your enemy's guard–in the instant after you've dodged an attack, or just before he swings.

  • Flail around aimlessly, and your enemy will block your attack easily.

  • Enemies often let down their guard after attacking–so evade, then attack.

  • You can also aim for the instant when the enemy raises his sword to attack.

Secret Scrolls: Your enemies are quite skilled. You'll probably see a few rough battles. You mustn't give up, though. Princess Cherry Blossom needs your help! Read below for some tips on how to become a master Samurai.

When you see a naked blade whirring towards you, let it come as close as you can before dodging. If you're successful, the enemy will be stunned, startled by your incredible speed. Then, quickly get in a slash–or two!

Evade an attack fast enough and you'll leave an afterimage–the bewildered foe wonft be able to block your next attack.

Expert dodgers will also build up power to use on special moves, and get money for their skillful displays.

When you find yourself surrounded, slice your way out of danger with a special move. Foes cannot evade or block these moves, which can be used to attack several enemies at once.

Use a special move when your gauge is filled. Once used your strength will have to be built up again, so strike sparingly.

Rapid swordsmanship may unleash far-reaching waves of sakura power. You can also carry over your special moves to the next level, so only use them if you need to.

Swords aren't just for offense. When the enemy is pressing you hard and evasion isn't working, use your sword to block the attacks. A true swordsman is skilled at both offense and defense.

Use your sword to block brutal attacks from a castle lord like this one.

Swords are delicate. The more you hit your opponent's weapon, the blade will get nicked, and eventually lose its strength. Use a whetstone or ask a blacksmith to repair your sword.

If your sword isn't in top condition, you won't be able to take down your foes–so be sure to take care of your blade. If you still find it getting harder and harder to defeat enemies, then it may be time to have the blacksmith temper it and strengthen the blade for you.

Use the whetstone and sharpen your blade here.

If you have the blacksmith temper your blade, not only will it be sharpened, but it will be tougher and harder to damage.

The tool shop in town has lots of items that will come in handy. Making good use of them is another vital tactic.

This delicious treat, filled with red bean paste, will flood you with strength in a jiffy. Be sure to carry some with you.

Throw a slimy frog at your foe, and he will cringe back in disgust, giving you an opening. When this happens, strike swiftly.

When your wallet is getting light, why not try a little street performing? It costs money to try, but if you do, and you win, youfll get a reward.

There are six types of street performances. These performances change from town to town, so visit them all. Show off your watermelon slicing skills, and more.

Before starting a street challenge, decide whether you want to go for gold or stamps. Collect stamps to trade them in for special prizes.

A true swordsman can judge a stroke perfectly and evade it by a hair. All experts compete to see how many times in a row they can perform these evasions. For a samurai, his record of consecutive perfect evasions is proof of his honor.

Once you've saved up a number of evasions, head over to the tool shop for special rewards.

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